Impact, Devotion, Legacy.
Creating a history of global and philosophical change
Impact, Devotion, Legacy.
Creating a history of global and philosophical change
Impact, Devotion, Legacy.
Creating a history of global and philosophical change

Yarway Group are a collection of companies, built on Christian foundations, to create an eternal impact on People, Places and the Planet.

Through our collective services and shared devotion, we aim to positively influence individuals, organisations and future generations to live healthy, sustainable and fulfilled lives. Our mission is to create a history of global and philosophical change, and a future legacy.


Improving People through the advancement of technology and services in education, care, health and well-being.


Improving Places through the development of communities, buildings and ecosystems.


Improving the Planet through tech development focused on Environmental and Sustainability solutions.

Our Companies

Our ever expanding collection of companies are committed to the vision and values we share across the group, ensuring positive change is at the heart of our business objectives.

Our Team

Chris Baumann

After qualifying as Mechanical Engineer from Nottingham University, Chris completed a MBA before moving into operations and business management. Chris later joined Aktrion in 2004 as a shareholder achieving a turnover of €100m, employing 3,500 people before exiting through a successful sale to a Paris based global FM business. Chris is NED Chairman of Yarway Group, where is actively involved in providing both strategic support and guidance and governance to the business.

Chris Adams

After qualifying as a solicitor, Chris spent more than 30 years in legal practice as a partner with a leading East Midlands law firm. In addition to providing professional advice to businesses, he led teams and departments and served on the firm`s management board. Chris also chairs a local youth charity, helping youngsters with limited life chances. Chris is a NED of Yarway Group, where he supports with business and legal oversight and critical analysis.

Luke Whiting

After qualifying as a Sport and Business Psychologist in 2013, Luke’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to setting up his own consultancy business in 2014, working with a range of High-Net Worth athletes and business leaders. Luke has successfully Chaired, led and ran a range of startups and scale ups from Healthtech, Adtech and service businesses at valuations of over £20m, where he provides inspirational leadership, corporate governance and strategic oversight. Luke set up Yarway Group with a mission to create an eternal impact on people, places and the planet.

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